Our southeastern soils are tough and need some help. That's why we use Soil3.

Soil3 humus compost is full of natural nutrients, beneficial microorganisms, and soil-building components. That's what our compost does - it builds good soil.

Every day we hear testimonials about how Soil3 has grown the biggest vegetables, the best flower garden ever, and how a lawn is growing where before it was barren dirt.

We make delivery clean and easy by delivering in a BigYellowBag. This spring we set up on-line ordering, which has worked out great. It's so much easier than time on the phone. 

Order right here and let us deliver a bag to your home and garden.

Soil3 is Safe and Good for Your Plants

We love this stuff and use it in our own gardens. We make it ourselves from grass clippings and wheat straw from our farm fields and cow manure from a local dairy (we carefully monitor the cow pasture quality). Soil3 is the nutrition your plants need and the organic humus compost your soil needs. Plus, it's OMRI Listed for organic gardening peace of mind.

Local Delivery Included

X MARKS THE SPOT! You don't need to be at home when we deliver your BigYellowBag. Simply put an X on your driveway using sidewalk chalk or sticks to mark the spot you want your BigYellowBag placed. When ordering online, delivery is restricted to Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. If you have questions on delivery in your area, give us a call on our main line: 1-888-360-1125.

Vegetable Garden Nutrition

Raised Beds & Containers

Flower & Shrub Beds


"In spring I topdress my roses with Soil3 because they love the richness it adds to the clay soil. I won't skip a year!"

– Suzanne in North Carolina

"Cauliflower, brocolli, cabbage, pepper, peas, spinach - all growing with Soil3 will be ready for Thanksgiving Dinner."

– Arthur in Georgia

"I feel like the blue ribbon winner! This was our first time using Soil3, and this has been the best year ever for my vegetables & flowers."

– Esther in South Carolina

"Our tomato plants are already over 5 feet tall and loaded with green tomatoes. This is our 3rd year getting Super Soil3."

– Tina from Georgia

"Soil3 has made such a positive difference in my raised bed garden. My fall vegetables have never looked this good! 🥦🥕🌱 👨‍🌾 "

– Melanie in Georgia

"My neighbor got me into spreading the dirt from the BigYellowBag on my lawn and now it's something we do every year at the same time."

– Brennan in South Carolina

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