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  • have Veggie Mix for vegetables and containers delivered
  • Veggie Mix for vegetables and containers delivered
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Soil³ Veggie Mix in a BigYellowBag (Delivered)

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Order early for garden prep and save $10 on BigYellowBags. Sale ends March 31, 2023.

Custom Placement Details

  • If you can drive your car there, we can likely drop it there.
  • If the ground is too wet, soft or sloped, your product(s) will be dropped in your driveway and $20 per bag will be refunded to you.
  • Gate openings need to be a minimum of 10 feet. 

Veggie Mix Product Information

You will feel the difference when you run your hands through our new Veggie Mix potting soil. The addition of bark for better drainage gives Veggie Mix a satisfying, crumbly texture that will, more importantly, benefit plants.

Because Soil³ humus compost is the core ingredient, there's no need to add fertilizer. We've done the work of improving drainage, protecting plants, and providing a safe, rich potting soil for all vegetable gardens and any type of plant in containers and raised beds. All this while being a peat-free mix.

Try it today and experience the difference!

Veggie Mix Ingredients:

  • 75% OMRI Listed Soil³ compost for nutrition and beneficial soil microorganisms
  • 12% aged bark fines (aka soil conditioner) to improve drainage
  • 12% HydraFiber refined wood fibers (OMRI Listed) also to improve drainage
  • 2.5 pounds of activated charcoal per 1 cubic yard to protect plants against persistent herbicides when growing any type of vegetable garden

 Use Veggie Mix Potting Soil For:

  • Containers or window boxes
  • Seasonal pots
  • Grow bags
  • Deck and patio planters
  • Dividing and potting up passalong plants
  • Seed starting
  • Raised beds
  • All in-ground vegetable beds where you want an extra measure of protection
  • You can even cut off the top and plant right in the cube!

When to Use Our Other Options:

  • When planting and topdressing lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers we recommend our straight Humus Compost
  • For leveling established lawns, get Level Mix, because it has 70% sand in it to add structure.

Size: 1 BigYellowBag contains 1 cubic yard (or 27 cubic feet)

Delivery: Mark an X on your driveway and you don't even need to be at home when your BigYellowBag arrives. Here are simple delivery instructions, including pictures and a short video, to visualize on how easy we make it.

Price includes local delivery in AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN. If you are in one of these states, but get an error message about delivery, you're possibly a bit farther from our store and delivery will take longer than our standard delivery timeframe. We can probably deliver to you, so please give us a call to make arrangements. (Thank you for your patience!)

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