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  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free Mini Cubes from Soil3
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Soil³ Mix & Match Mini Cubes - Buy 3 Get 1 FREE - Pickup Deal

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Buy 3 Mini Cubes & Get 1 FREE - Mix & Match!

4 Mini Cubes are bundled together in this deal, so select the combo you'd like. You can go wild adding multiple different combos to your cart.

The same ingredients are in the Mini Cubes as in the BigYellowBags. We offer the Mini Cube Mix & Match deal so you can get exactly what you need, depending on the project.


  • Mini Cubes are 1 cubic foot in volume
  • 27 of these Mini Cubes fill 1 cubic yard BigYellowBag

    How to Use Soil³ Humus Compost Minis (Yellow Bags)

    Grab them for laying sod, topdressing sod, and when planting all trees, shrubs, and flowers.

    • Use 1 Mini of compost for every 3 rolls of sod you lay
    • Topdress small bald or bare spots in your lawn with Mini Cubes
    • As a "mulch" for grass seeds
    • Fill in holes or trenches
    • 1 Mini Cube of compost for topdressing every 2x 1-gallon-size or 1x 3-gallon-size tree, shrub, or flower when planting in native, unamended soil
    • Use this straight compost for improving the soil for in-ground bedding plants, seasonal color beds, and perennial flower borders

    How to Use Veggie Mix Minis (Green Bags)

    Grab them to use as a potting soil for all containers, seed starting, raised beds, and all vegetable gardening.

    • One Mini of Veggie Mix will fill 7.48 gallons of pots, containers, and boxes
    • We added 24% bark for improved drainage, so use Veggie Mix for all container situations, including seasonal color, deck and patio planters, and veggies
    • Start your seeds in this mix
    • Plant all your vegetables using Veggie Mix - in containers, raised beds, or in-ground - due to the added layer of protection from the activated charcoal

    *Mix & Match Mini Cubes cannot be combined with other offers or discounts on Mini Cubes.