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  • Soil3 compost Mini Cube product pic for pick up at stores
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  • One Soil3 compost Mini Cube for every one 3-gallon plant
  • One Soil3 compost Mini Cube for every two 1-gallon plants
  • One Soil3 compost Mini Cube for every four rolls of turf
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Soil³ Mini Cube - 1 cubic foot (Shipped)

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The Mini Cube is our cute “grab and go” bag of Soil³ compost.

The $29.99 price includes delivery within our footprint of AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN.

It’s for when you need a bit of Soil³, not a full cubic yard BigYellowBag.

Size: This Mini Cube is 7.48 gallons (1 cubic foot). To put it in perspective, 27 of these Mini Cubes fill 1 BigYellowBag.

The same Humus Compost ingredients are in the Mini Cube as in the BigYellowBag. We offer the Mini Cube to provide a different sort of convenience – the convenience of stacking a few in your car to take with you.

Mini Cubes of Humus Compost are perfect for:

  • Renovating small bald or bare spots in your lawn
  • As a "mulch" for grass seeds
  • Filling in holes or trenches
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Planting flowers
  • Topdressing both new and established perennials, shrubs, or trees

Recommended rates:

  • 1 Mini Cube of compost for every three rolls of sod from Super-Sod (10 square feet per roll)
  • 1 Mini Cube of compost for topdressing every 2x 1-gallon-size or 1x 3-gallon-size tree, shrub, or flower when planting in native, unamended soil

Use Veggie Mix for containers, seed starting, raised beds, and all vegetable gardening. For leveling established lawns, get Level Mix, because it has 70% sand in it to add structure.