Level Mix In a BigYellowBag (PICKED UP)

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Level Mix In a BigYellowBag (PICKED UP)
Level Mix In a BigYellowBag (PICKED UP) Level Mix for topdressing - sand and Soil3 compost3 Level Mix for topdressing - sand and Soil3 compost Level Mix for topdressing - sand and Soil3 compost2 Level Mix for topdressing - logo

Buy now and at checkout schedule pick up during our business hours. Present your receipt when you arrive and we'll get you loaded and on your way. 

Pick Up Details: 1 BigYellowBag of Level Mix weighs 2,000 to 2,200 lbs. A medium to large pickup truck holds 1 BigYellowBag; a trailer will hold more than 1, depending on the size. Small pickup trucks cannot handle the load, so please bring a trailer if you have a small truck.

Level Mix makes leveling your warm season lawn easy!

Topdressing with Level Mix creates a smooth, even surface without bumps or depressions. Level Mix is meant for warm season lawns; it does not work on tall fescue.

Soil3 Level Mix

Level Mix is a 70% sand and 30% Soil³ organic compost blend. Sand levels the lawn and the Soil³ compost gives your warm season lawn a boost of natural nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Together the sand and compost in Level Mix create a level surface without bumps or depressions while providing rich nutrients and beneficial bacteria for your lawn.

Do you want to topdress your lawn with compost to add nutrition, but you don't need the sand to level it? Then you want our Soil³ organic compost, also delivered in a BigYellowBag. Topdressing with Soil³ compost alone is good for both warm season and tall fescue lawns.

Size: 1 BigYellowBag contains 1 cubic yard (or 27 cubic feet)

Rate: 1 BigYellowBag of Level Mix will level 500 square feet of lawn