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  • Soil3 Raised Garden Kit 100 Gallon Root Pouch Grow Bag
  • Soil3 Raised Garden Kit with 2 100 Gallon Root Pouch Grow Bags
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Soil³ Raised Garden Kit: 1 BigYellowBag of Veggie Mix + 2 Big Root Pouches (Delivered)

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Our big Root Pouches are an easy way to start gardening as soon as you get them or gift them!

Custom Placement Details

  • If you can drive your car there, we can likely drop it there.
  • If the ground is too wet, soft, or sloped, your product(s) will be placed in your driveway and $35 per bag will be refunded to you.
  • Gate openings need to be a minimum of 10 feet wide. 

Gardening made simple. Set up your raised bed by simply unfolding your Big Root Pouch and filling with Veggie Mix. Root Pouches are made from 100% recycled material that provides protection from both the heat and the cold. The natural material allows air and nutrients to pass through freely and promotes root growth.

Raised Garden Kits include: 

  • Cubic yard BigYellowBag of Veggie Mix to fill the big Root Pouches
  • 2x 100-gallon Root Pouches in brown
  • Local delivery

Measurements: Each Big Root Pouch is . . . 

  • 38" in diameter and 20" tall
  • Holds 100 gallons of compost
  • Offers 8 square feet of growing space

Delivery: Mark an X on your driveway and you don't even need to be at home when your BigYellowBag arrives. Here are simple delivery instructions, including pictures and a short video, to visualize on how easy we make it. 

Price includes local delivery in AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN. If you are in one of these states, but get an error message about delivery, you're possibly a bit farther from our store and delivery will take longer than our standard delivery timeframe. We can probably deliver to you, so please give us a call to make arrangements. (Thank you for your patience!)

Read Brie the Plant Lady's story about Recycled Grow Bags for Backyard Veggies to learn more about our Raised Garden Kits and see them in action.