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Soil³ Mini Cube - 1 cubic foot (Shipped)

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Shipment: $29.99/each includes shipment to the continental 48 states.

It’s for when you need a bit of Soil³, not a full cubic yard BigYellowBag.

This Mini Cube will fill 7.48 gallons (1 cubic foot) of pots and containers. To put it in perspective, 27 of these Mini Cubes fill 1 BigYellowBag.

The same ingredients are in the Mini Cube as in the BigYellowBag. We offer the Mini Cube to provide a different sort of convenience – the convenience of stacking a few in your car to take with you.

Mini Cubes are perfect for renovating small bald or bare spots in your lawn; filling in holes or trenches; planting seasonal pots, containers, or boxes; or mulching both new and established perennials, shrubs or trees.

You can even cut off the top and plant right in it! The pictures shows arugula starting from seed.